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Exceptional Design

Two of our four engineered wood designers have received National Top Gun recognition for their training and accomplishments using the elite TJXpert® design software. Fifteen of our truss technicians are certified through WTCA's Truss Technician Training (TTT), and four of our design team leaders have achieved Level III certification, the highest level of training available in the industry today. In addition, Bob Dayhoff, our Director of Technical Operations, has provided continual input into the refinement and enhancement of WTCA's TTT program.

Combined with their advanced knowledge of the latest design software, our truss technicians can help you refine your building plans, locate and solve potential problems, and deliver exceptional design plans to you in minimal time.

We are proud to be the 2nd truss plant in the nation to be certified in In-Plant WTCA QC, and has always maintained its commitment to superior quality. In addition, our COO, Joe Hikel, is the current Chairman of the WTCA Quality Control Committee.

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