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Engineered Wood Products

We are a leading distributor of top quality engineered wood products by iLevel/Weyerhaeuser. iLevel/Weyerhaeuser manufactures a variety of engineered lumber products. Built to satisfy the demanding criteria of today's building industry, these products offer all the benefits of the large dimension lumber that is no longer readily available due to environmental issues, declining timber quality and unpredictable pricing. Wood-based engineered lumber satisfies current building demands with wood products for framing that are actually stronger than today's sawn lumber. Because these products are created from wood, they provide the natural insulation for which wood is renowned and a level of strength and stability that is competitive with steel.

These revolutionary products are made from fast growing aspen and poplar and can be fashioned into a variety of components such as floor joists, rim boards, beams and window, door and garage headers.

Weyerhaeuser owns and manages 35 million acres of forests in North America and monitors the use of best management practices by their log suppliers. All of their U.S. mills that use logs or wood chips as their raw material are independently certified to meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standard. Under the standard, wood from certified forests used to make these products is tracked through each stage of production. This includes all primary facilities— those using logs or chips to produce lumber, oriented strand board, plywood, TimberStrand®, Parallam®, paper and pulp. In addition, three of Weyerhaeuser’s I-joist mills (or secondary manufacturing plants) are certified as meeting the SFI chain-of-custody standard (in addition to meeting the fiber-sourcing provisions of the SFI standard).

In the field, engineered wood products save builders time and money because they weigh less than traditional lumber and fewer tradespeople are needed to provide installation. Every order of engineered wood is accompanied by iLevel/Weyerhaeuser's Frameworks technical and engineering support network - created specifically to help provide answers before problems arise.

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