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Courses on Specifying and Designing with Structural Building Components Level Contact Hours
Mold and Structural Wood Components Beginner 1
Framing the American Dream Beginner 1
Guidance to Builders on Minimizing Mold on Components Beginner 0.5
Overview of Lumber Beginner 0.5
Permanent Bracing, B3 & Risk Management (wood) Intermediate 0.5
Permanent Bracing, CFSB3 & Risk Management (steel) Intermediate 0.5
Metal Connector Plates Beginner 0.5
Cold-Formed Steel Truss Overview Beginner 0.5
Courses on Field Issues — Installing, Bracing and Inspecting Components Level Contact Hours
Overview of Building Component Safety Information BCSIED2-D Intermediate 2
Four Steps to Safe Truss Installations Beginner 0.5
BCSI: Storage, Handling, Installing, Restraining & Bracing Intermediate 1.5
Today’s Wood Framing Systems Problems and Solutions Intermediate 1
Courses on Building Components in the Building Codes Level Contact Hours
IBC 2000 Advanced 1
IRC 2000 Advanced 1
Florida Board of Professional Engineers Rule 64G15-31.003 Advanced 1
IBC 2003 Advanced 1
IRC 2003 Advanced 1
IRC 2006 Advanced 1
IBC 2006 Advanced 1
Summary of Changes to ANSI/TPI 1-2007 Intermediate 0.5
Courses on Fire and Wood Trusses Level Contact Hours
Performance and Application of Fire Rated Wood Truss Assemblies Advanced 1
Courses on Truss Basics: Part of the Truss Technician Training Series Level Contact Hours
Introduction & Terminology Beginner 1
Truss Math Intermediate 1
Design Principles Intermediate 1
Truss Materials Beginner 1
Load Development Intermediate 1
Truss Design, Manufacturing & Installation Overview Beginner 1
Truss Connections Intermediate 1
Design Responsibilities Beginner 1
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