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Wall Components

In addition to roof and floor trusses, Shelter Systems also offers a variety of wall components. Like our trusses, our wall components are custom manufactured for a perfect fit. They're easy to install which means decreased labor costs and significant time savings. If you're looking for a better way to build, call us about wall components today.

Wall Component

Smart Components®

We're also excited to announce that we are now a Licensed Manufacturer of Smart Components®. A new generation of shear wall elements, Smart Components are cutting-edge, pre-fabricated trussed frames and panels engineered to resist any type of lateral force applied to a building. An integration of traditional truss construction and new proprietary technology, Smart Components are manufactured using typical dimension lumber, metal connector plates and patented concentric hold-down connectors developed by TRUSSED, Inc.

Wood trusses using metal connector plates have a long history of reliable roof and floor performance in the construction industry. Now more than fifty years of truss engineering can be utilized in your wall components to resist lateral loads from earthquakes and high winds.

Smart Component Installation
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